The Safety-Policy

Dear customers,
to be able to provide the maximum of health protection, we developed the following preventive measures:

  • For your own and for our protection we kindly ask you to keep a safety-distance of 1,5 meters. To guarantee this distance, we will limit the number of customers staying in our shop at the same time.
  • Please disinfect your hands after stepping in. We provide you with germicide.
  • We also regularly disinfect our hands as well as our interior.
  • During our service we offer you a seat. Our custom-built walls made of plexiglass prevent you from the risk of infection. Enjoy your seat, as we bring all glasses or sunglasses to you.
  • We clean and disinfect all glasses after every try-on. To make sure we don’t miss any, we kindly ask you to only try on the glasses when our specialists are around.
  • For the fitting of glasses or contact lenses and for eye-tests, we use special protective clothing. We also ask you to wear a mask you bring along.
  • Please refrain from coming around when you feel sick. In case of occurring symptoms related to Corona, please stay at home.

We are adjusting our preventive measures regularly. To make sure, there is only a small amount of people in our shop at the same time, we offer you, to book an appointment in advance.

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