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Analysis of vision/ individual visual profile

The basis for perfect vision is the correct measurement of the eyesight, considering the individual viewing habits. At Bartels this essential examination is performed by trained opticians, master opticians and optometrists only. With state-of-the-art equipment, we determine your eyesight up to 0.01 diopters. Of course, we take our time to do this examination. Our goal is to give you the perfect vision in all circumstances.

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Modern Optometry

At Bartels you receive more than just a usual eye test. We test your colour vision, contrast sensitivity, mesopic vision, visual field and much more. Additionally, we control the intraocular pressure and examine the front and central posterior sections of your eyes. The optometric eye examination is the perfect starting point for excellent vision as well as for healthy eyes.

3D Eye Test

This special three-dimensional eye test has only been on the market for a few years and makes the visual examination quite an experience for you. As the visual impressions of the right and left eyes are separated, both eyes can remain open during the entire examination, which makes it more accurate. The test allows a measurement of the eyesight under preferably natural conditions.

Analysis of binocular vision

Good vision is not achieved simply by bringing both eyes to the best possible visual performance. It is important that these different impressions are perfectly matched. If this is not the case, so-called asthenopia (such as headache, dizziness and discomfort) may occur. By performing numerous tests, our specialists analyze the binocular vision and optimize it for your individual viewing habits.

Eye examination for better vision at dusk/at night

Many people need different vision correction in the dark than during the day. Even for this we use state-of-the-art equipment and examine the eyes according to the latest scientific findings. These results combined with special lenses for darker conditions ensure perfect vision at dusk and night.

Eye test for driver‘s license

Of course, we also conduct the official eye test for your driver’s license. With this test, we will examine whether the required visual performance is achieved (with or without contact lenses or glasses). Afterwards you receive an official certificate for submission at the licensing centre or driving school.

Professional Workshop

Being in charge of a modern optical shop still means for us to be passionate about craft and precision mechanics. Our workshop is perfectly equipped. Thus, we perform all facets for your glasses professionally and make your wishes come true to the smallest detail. With our workshop in house, we can control every step and implement our high standards specifically. In addition to the high quality, we carry out the manufacturing of your glasses and also manage smaller and larger repairs very flexibly and in short time.

We would love to welcome you as our customer. You can expect state-of-the-art technology, advanced knowledge and high precision.

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