Perfect vision
with child's eyes

Optometry for children

More than 90 percent of our knowledge is absorbed through the eyes. Good vision is essential for children’s development. Difficulties in school, for example, problems with learning to read and to write are often associated with undetected vision problems. If the child’s vision is affected, the kid is used to this condition. Hence, it is normal for him or her and often remains unnoticed. The optometrists at Bartels examine children’s eyes from an early age and with versatile methods. We initiate necessary steps if required.

Interdisciplinary cooperation in case of reading-spelling disabilities, ADHD, etc.

As mentioned above, visual deficits are a common reason for children with reading-spelling disabilities, ADHD and alike. If ergotherapy and speech theraphy do not lead to the intended results, often unnoticed visual problems are the cause. For this reason, we cooperate closely with paediatricians and speech therapists. Hence, improvements in child well-being and learning success can be achieved faster.

Analysis and management of progressive myopia

The high increase in myopia, in which we constantly educate ourselves, is currently one of the central issues in optometric research and of much importance to us. An increasing number of people worldwide are short-sighted. The causes of this development are well researched by now. However, they can hardly be adapted.
The team at Bartels intensively deals with the possibilities to counteract the trend of increasing myopia. We also like to carry out a special eye test adapted to myopia with your children and give advise on the topic of myopia prevention.

We would love to welcome you and your children as our customers. You can expect state-of-the-art technology, advanced knowledge in Optometry for children and a friendly staff.

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