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Retinal scan

Latest devices, such as the so-called OCT (optical coherence tomography) even make it possible to assess the ocular fundus without pupil dilation, (though drops or medication). Our most important sensory organ, the eye, can only function with a healthy retina.
The retina is the area, where incident rays of light meet the rods and cones and are transmitted via the optic nerve to the brain. If the retina is damaged, vision can be severely impaired. Through detailed scans of the eye fundus, the retina can be checked. If any anomalies are detected, visiting an eye doctor is recommended. 

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Measurement of the visual field

A measurement called perimetry can detect anomalies such as scotoma or vision deficits on the single eye. These may be related to macular degeneration. Affected people often notice this retinal condition very late. Therefore, Bartels recommends making use of the perimeter and follow-ups regularly.

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Burning, itchy or reddened eyes unfortunatley become more and more often a problem for many people. The reasons are frequently because the eyes are simply too dry. In many cases this is connected to our modern way of life in the digital world, as dry conditioned air and staring at the computer screen for many hours intensify the symptoms.

The experts at Bartels therefore brought the Dry-Eye-Consultation to life. As a first step they analyze the given situation, as it is really important to understand the exact reasons of the problem to get rid of it. Building on that, they give recommendations and show possible solutions to improve the condition.


As the cataract is a widespread symptom, everyone most likely will deal with it at one stage. Due to external influences, such as ultraviolet light, the eye lens usually loses its transparency for decades. It is like looking through a grey veil, hence the name. The examination of the translucency thus allows a first diagnosis of a possible presence of cataracts.


The intraocular pressure is the most important indicator to test for glaucoma. Through a barely noticeable air blast, the eye is examined. Checking the eyes for glaucoma should occur on a regular basis. Additionally, this Screening includes measuring the thickness of the cornea, as it has a significant influence on the measurement. Therefore, the determination of the corneal thickness, the pachymetry is part of our measurement of intraocular pressure.

Analysis of the tear film

The tear film has a wide influence on vision and tolerance of contact lenses. Quality and quantity of tear fluid can be examined through various tests. The feeling of dry eyes is an increasingly common symptom, which often is traced back to extensive computer work. If the tear film is not optimal, our eye specialist will provide advice for improving its quality.

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